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Treatment Center for Autism in Delhi NCR

Autism is a disorder that affects the social interaction of a person or a kid the verbal and nonverbal communication levels are restricted and affected person goes into repetitive behavior. It also affects the learning ability of the person and adversely impacts the professional life. It is a complex neurodegenerative disorder that has an adverse impact on the normal brain functions and nervous system.

There are three types of autism syndrome that are prevalent in the highest numbers, these are the pervasive developmental disorder, autistic disorder, and Aspergers syndrome. The other forms are Rett syndrome and children degenerative disorder. The kids show the signs of the problem during their early years and parents must note the signs and bring the kid to the treatment center.

The parents must observe certain signs that may signal that child is not experiencing normal development. The delay will be in the cognitive language and social skills. If a child does not respond with a smile or happy expression, does not imitate sounds or expressions by the 9 months, cannot say any single word by the 16 months, and cannot say two-word phrases by the 24 months, the parents must consult the Treatment center for autism in Delhi NCR for comprehensive autism treatment therapy. The treatment for autism involves more than one step which comprises, applied behavior analyses, communication skills, social skill therapy, picture exchange communication skills, structured teaching, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

The parents must understand that a child may lose the previously gained skills and language development milestones. This regression can happen at any age.The kids with the autism syndrome are slow to gain skills and acquired knowledge. The level of acquisition is also low. But some kids with autism may have normal to high intelligence, which is evident in their quick learning. At the same time, they have difficulty in communication sphere and cannot apply what they know in everyday life, which hampers their social life. It is also seen that some kids with autism have exceptional skills in music, math or in any other art form. However, the difficulties occur in social life due to lack of language or social skills.

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