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The kids who have trouble pronouncing certain words or are not clearly speaking few words are facing the speech problem and need the help of the speech therapist. Speech therapy for kids helps kids to pronounce clearly and gain fluency in speech. The speech therapy helps the kids to slowly and steadily improve speech and gain fluency.

The speech therapy for kids in Delhi NCR helps kids in the areas of articulation, fluency, resonance and language disorders. The articulation disorders means that the kid is not able to clearly pronounce the intended word. The fluency disorder is the inability of the kid to clearly speak a word. The kid may speak a word in parts after a gap, which can be embarrassing, between two parts of the one word. The resonance disorders do not help the listener to understand what the kid is saying. When a kid has difficulty to understand the language of others and cannot clearly put words together it is known as language disorder.

The treatment of speech disorders is therapy that is given in sessions to the kids in the clinic. The place for kid’s speech therapy is generally decorated like a play school to relax and calm the kid and help them to take the therapy in a relaxed and fun way. The therapy is provided through various games and play cards which step by step, help the kid to practice various parts of the therapy. The speech therapist will make the sounds and show the exercises to the kid, which the kid has to make and imitate. The therapist will exaggerate the movement of lips, tongue, jaw, and mouth to show how the kid has to make the gesture to produce the sound clearly and accurately.

The duration of the therapy depends on the condition of the speech of the kid and severity of the speech disorder. The therapist may see the kid daily, on alternate days or few days in a week. The parents are also involved in the therapy as they have to make sure that the kid is involved in the therapy at home and speaks in the style that is prescribed by the therapist.


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