Entering primary school is an important childhood milestone, marking the beginning of a child’s formal education. Yet the change creates a time of vulnerability for the child, the parents and the parent–child relationship. Failure to adjust to the transition may place the family in a psychologically devastating position. The aims of this study were to test the effectiveness of a parental training programme in enhancing the parent–child relationship and decreasing parental stress by reducing harsh parenting in preparing children for the transition to primary school.

This study addressed a gap in the literature by examining the effectiveness of the training programme for enhancing parent–child relationship and decreasing parental stress at the time of a child’s transition to primary school.

If the transition can be handled in an appropriate manner, it can be regarded as a valuable opportunity for children to learn not only how to solve problems, but also how to develop confidence in response to a changing environment. Such experiences will lay a good foundation for their future learning and promote their interest in life-long learning. Therefore, before the admission to primary school, providing interventions that can help children and parents adjust to their new roles and developmental tasks during the stressful school transition period is crucial.

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