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Speech disorders such as stammering, stuttering, mis articulation, delayed speech and gap in speech or difficulty in maintaining the fluency are cured by the speech therapy. The speech therapist provides comprehensive therapy, which enables the person with speech disorders to gain control over the speech and become a fluent speaker.

Stammering or stuttering is not a medical disease the speech therapist never considers the speech problem a medical issue. The treatment consists of a series of exercises which gradually increase the capacity of the person to pronounce the sound and mold the sound with articulation to produce voice. The exercises start with breathing, deep breathing to increase lung capacity, tongue exercises, lips and neck and jaw exercises. All these exercises relax the muscles of the organs which are used in the generation of speech.

The Best Speech Therapy Center in Delhi has treated thousands of people and has helped them to regain the control over life and career. The services are customized to help the client get rid of the problem. The duration of the therapy depends on the degree of the problem or its severity. The treatment is given in sessions with the therapist in one to one settings. The experience of the speech therapist enables the client to discuss the issue in detail for an effective treatment. The sessions may be on the daily basis or on alternate days, depending on the assessment of the speech therapist.

The service of the best speech therapy center removes the psychological fear of stammering. The removal of mental blocks helps the client to gain a major victory over the stammering problem. The therapy changes the behavior of the person, it gives techniques and knowledge to relax, speak in a rhythm and never hold the breath while speaking. When a person understands the proper breathing exercises and their role, the problem becomes easier to overcome. Often a person with stammering tries to complete the sentence in a single insufficient breath, which further complicates the problem. The proper breathing, slow rhythmic speaking and articulation help the person to gain confidence to maintain the fluency and gain mastery over speech issues.

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